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Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG)Edit

Basic COG Soldier "Gear" (Damon Baird, Minh Young Kim, Anthony Camine, Benjamin Camine, and COG Soldier)

Marcus Fenix's Classic Armor from Gears of War 1 and 2

Onyx Guard (Chairman Richard Prescott's Elite Guard Unit)

Anya Stroud's Armor from Gears of War 3

Damon Baird's Armor from Gears of War 3

Clayton Carmine

Marcus Fenix's Armor from Gears of War 3

Chairman Richard Prescott's Armor from Gears of War 3

COG Soldier / Golden COG from Gears of War 3

(Augustus Cole) Cole Train's Armor from Gears of War 3

(Dominic Santiago) Dom's Armor from Gears of War 3

Dizzy Wallin

Locust HordeEdit

Basic Locust Drone


Kantus Priest

Queen Myrrah

Savage Grenadier

Locust Grenadier


Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG)Edit

Locust HordeEdit